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The iconic world of AimzNemesis & Cat_San

A multi-fandom icon community

FtI: A Multi-fandom Icon Community
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A shared multi-fandom icon community.
Hello, all, and welcome to fear_the_icons, the personal graphics community of aimznemesis and cat_san. As the title suggests, it is primarily an icon community, although other graphics (such as banners, colourbars, etc.) may also be posted from time to time.

As this is multi-fandom community, the icons found herein will vary, depending on our moods. Feel free to check out the list of tags to see the icons so far. ^_^

Anyone is free to watch and/or join this community, just as long as they are aware of the following rules:

RULE #1:
If you wish to take an icon, it would be greatly appreciated if you leave a comment letting us know which ones you are taking. Include details of where you'll be using it if possible - eg. LiveJournal, GreatestJournal, etc..

RULE #2:
If or when you decide to use one of our icons, then please credit either aimznemesis or cat_san in the icon keywords/comments, depending on who made the icon. Alternatively, you may also credit fear_the_icons.

RULE #3:
Do not snag icons from this community and claim that you made them yourself.

RULE #4:
No flaming or trolling. If you join and/or comment in this community purely for flaming, trolling, etc., then you will be automatically banned.

RULE #5:
No editing of any icons, unless it is otherwise stated that you are free to do so. Likewise, textless icons are not bases unless otherwise specified.

RULE #6:
Do not hotlink any of the icons you see here. Save the icons to your own computer and upload them to your own server. Thank you.

RULE #7:
When making a request, ask nicely. :)

Only aimznemesis and cat_san are able to post in this community, for obvious reasons.

Anyway...... enjoy the icons!

Resources for images, textures, brushes etc. can be located here.

Shameless pimpage: Feel free to check out asianhorroricon, a community dedicated to the iconage of Asian horror and/or extreme movies. Also, if Asian horror/extreme movies and image macros are your kind of thing, why not check out ihasacursedtape? ^_^


- lunargullicons
- scarbicons

If you would like to affiliate, please let us know by commenting on any of the posts in the community.